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´Cold calling and tenders. Is there a conflict?

Armin L. Rau shares a question from a coaching session of the AMF Account Management Formula Programme. The VLOG is about cold calling, tenders and whether these two go together. Do you also need cold calling in the public sector? I will give you tips on how you can become active even before the tender.


How to reach relevant leads via social networks step by step: A guide for effective cold calling

Cold calling can be very costly and time-consuming. It is often associated with poor results and low efficiency. However, social networks help to increase the success rate and find the right contacts.

If you are using LinkedIn, the search function of the Sales Navigator is especially helpful in selecting...

The right way to deal with reception, assistants and decision-makers: How to overcome the most common hurdles in cold calling

In cold calling, the approach of previously unknown leads serves to arrange a meeting. Particularly in the case of a phone call, it is often not possible to contact the relevant decision makers directly. Instead, you first talk to the reception or assistant.

In these conversations, it is often necessary to overcome the same hurdles in order to...