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How To Position Yourself In Relation To Your Customer

I’d like to share something very quickly with you today here on my blog post, on my vlog and that is actually about how you position yourself in the sales process and how you position yourself against your customer. Well against is maybe the wrong word but let’s say vis-à-vis your potential customer. Now, what I cannot understand of many sales people is that they think that the customer only decides if there is a deal or not and that they depend on this...

Cold Calling Tips #7: The best way to create a compelling story about your solution

Cold Calling should be done these days by addressing prospects on social media. For this, you need a compelling copy. To draft it, use the Diamond of Market Entry and the AIDA formula.

Cold Calling Tips #6: Three things to keep in mind

People do not want be sold to. Just one principle you have to keep in mind when doing cold calling. You will learn a few more cold calling mindset tips in this Video.


Cold Calling Tips #5: How to reach acceptance rates of up to 80% when contacting prospects on LinkedIN

When you are cold calling to get meetings with prospects, always start by contacting them on social media. The challenge is to make them accept your invitation to connect, even if the don't know you. The trick is a very specific way of crafting your invitation so that your acceptance rates can be as high as 80%, at...