Clemens Schäfer, Managing Director, IT factum GmbH*

"I would not have been able to make that kind of progress.“

"I worked with Armin between July 2013 and September 2015. At the beginning, we were already a stable and profitable business, but we did not know how and where to grow strategically. During the coaching sessions with Armin, we worked in a very structured way on the future strategic direction of IT factum towards a software solutions provider. This clear positioning is now the guideline for our software development activities. It also makes it easy for me to explain to my people what IT factum is all about.

The structured way of working with Armin on a strategy and a marketing plan in combination with regular customer meetings helped me to understand what our future customers really need and where their real pain is. With Armin's support I had an excellent framework to develop the product kernel with my team. Armin's large network of high calibre contacts in various industries helped me to get a clear picture of potential market segments that again had a very positive impact on developing the product the market really needs. I would not have been able to make that kind of progress in such a short time without Armin's coaching."

*at the time of co-operation