Programme No. 5: Internal Sales Formula (ISF) - Coaching

Optimal preparation for calls, a refined greeting on the phone and quick problem solving - these can be decisive factors in service and support. That's why it's worth training conversation management tactics.

Does your service staff also know how to set the right expectations, deal constructively with frustration and overcome frequent objections? Have you already paid attention to your body language during telephone conversations or optimized your complaint management?

Based on my 25 years of experience, I have designed a tried and tested training and coaching program especially for service employees that teaches the most important skills, methods and tools for effective service calls.

I call this training program Internal Sales Formula (ISF). The seminar is divided into two half days (one afternoon and one morning) on two consecutive days. I coach up to 12 employees in effective conversation skills.

In the program I answer the following questions:

  • Day 1:
    • How can I develop a generally positive attitude towards my tasks?
    • How do I prepare myself optimally for calls?
    • What is the best way to greet people on the phone?
    • What can I consider in terms of my choice of words and voice?
    • How do I deal with frustration in conversation?
    • Excursus 1: How I compensate body language with my tone of voice
    • Excursus 2: How I deal with difficult customers in a positive and constructive way
  • Day 2:
    • How do I efficiently clarify the customer's initial situation and problem?
    • How do I set the right expectations for the call?
    • How do I solve the problem quickly?
    • How do I get from the problem to new opportunities and good advice?
    • Which objections are common and how do I overcome them?
    • What does the perfect farewell look like?
    • Excursus 3: How to design my call management effectively
    • Excursus 4: How to design my complaint management effectively and positively

Each training session is divided into a learning part, an exercise part and a coaching part. Both days are supplemented by many exercises and my personal coaching. I am available for two one-hour individual or group coaching sessions.