Armin L Rau helps you with well-structured and effective coaching

Not Enough new Clients? Neglecting Existing Customers?

We help you find new clients through cold calling. We help your Account Management with our proven 10-month program for developing Key Accounts and several derived seminars.

New Client Formula (NCF): get important initial appointments, build good relationships and conclude business deals reliably via cold calling

Account Management Formula (AMF): 10-month coaching programme to increase share of wallet

Strategic Growth Formula (SGF): for decision makers: continuous, strong growth and promoted profitability

Outbound Sales Formula (OSF): do more business with both existing and new customers by telesales and close more deals

Choose from these four programs to find new customers, grow your existing business, grow strategically and close more deals effectively.

Depending on your needs, I will act as your agent or coach in these programs.

My promise:

I offer you a 100% money-back guarantee on all my services! If after two months you feel that my service does not meet your requirements, I will refund 100% of my fixed fee. You can do this without giving any reason. You can also terminate your cooperation with me at the end of each month. No risk. No fuss.

In these programs, I have pooled almost 30 years of experience in sales, account management and corporate management at world-leading companies such as Siemens, Manpower, and Swisscom.

I have successfully practiced the techniques myself and today I enable my clients to successfully implement this knowledge.