Get worldclass business coaching for more sales and more business growth.

New Clients, More Business, Strategic Growth: I help you get there

To achieve these three targets, I have developed three programmes for you that will help you get there fast: New Client Formula (NCF) helps you to get first appointments quickly via cold calling, to develop good relationships and trust with new contacts via social media marketing and close deals reliably. Account Management Formula (AMF) is a 10-month coaching programme for newly appointed and experienced Account Managers who need to increase their share-of-wallet with their clients. Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) is a continuous coaching programme for company leaders who want to continue with aggressive growth and stay profitable or would like to grow their business again after a period of stagnation.

You can choose between three programmes to find new clients, make more business with existing ones, and grow strategically. Depending on what you need, I will deliver these services as your Agent or as a Coach.

One thing up-front: I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for all my services. If you are not happy after two months, you will receive 100% of your money back. No questions asked. On top of that, you can cancel the co-operation with me every month. No Risk. No hassle.

In these programmes I have bundled almost 30 years of Sales and Account Management experience with Global leading Corporates such as Siemens, Manpower, and Swisscom.

I have applied the techniques I teach and coach myself with great success and today I enable my clients to apply them successfully.