Programme No. 4: Outbound Sales Formula (OSF) – Coaching

Do you want to do more business with existing and new customers through telephone acquisition? Is one of your challenges to increase sales with your existing customers? Or do you manage complex sales processes over the phone in new customer business and want to complete them more successfully?

Do you have people in your team who are new to telephone acquisition? Are your current agents or salespeople not getting anywhere because they are not asking the right questions or failing to close the deal?

Based on my 25 years of experience, I have designed a training and coaching program that provides new sales agents with the key skills, methods and tools they need to successfully expand their business. At the same time, the innovative training and coaching approaches give experienced employees a completely new perspective that will enrich them in the execution of their work.

I call this 3-day training plus 3 to 12-day coaching program Outbound Sales Formula (OSF).

After my training and coaching it is possible to increase your share of wallet on all accounts by at least 10% on average and to achieve up to 3x more deals because your sales people

  • are optimally trained for telephone acquisition for sales or for making appointments
  • always create a positive and pleasant start to the conversation
  • determine the problem situation of the customer with the greatest empathy
  • optimally communicate special features, advantages, benefits of your products and solutions
  • reduce objections to a minimum and - if necessary - treat them elegantly and safely
  • effectively and skillfully conclude transactions and arrange appointments.

The program comprises three training sessions in which relevant questions on three modules are answered over three days. The topics are Condition & Contact, Consult and Close. In addition, the OSF program includes a bonus session for dealing with objections or excuses.

During this session I coach up to 15 agents to become excellent consulting salespeople.

Additionally, I am available for three, six or twelve one-day individual or group coaching sessions. The sessions are recorded so that colleagues who have missed a session can catch up on it with slides and the video.

As a result of this program, your employees will be able to generate up to 3x more additional business.

Each training session is divided into a learning part, a practice part and a coaching part with topics such as conditioning for the call, call initiation, call management techniques, needs analysis, objection handling and closing techniques.

Please contact me now to discuss the details.