Programme No. 3: Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) - Coaching

Have you been very successful in the past, but you see now that you need to make a change? Are you too dependent on one or two clients? Do your operational processes, structures, and support systems not keep pace with your growth? Or have you been on a flat growth curve for a while and now want to make a leap?

Then Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) might be exactly the right programme for you. In this Programme I have bundled more than 15 years of experience in International General Management as Managing Director of International firms.

After you have attended SGF coaching, learned the techniques, and apply them rigorously you will be able to

  • Improve the quality of strategic management and operational / tactical decisions

  • Reduce the number of wrong decisions

  • Support the aggressive growth path and enable the organisation to implement it

  • Build second line managers who can take away more and more of the operational routine tasks from the founding partners

  • Develop and implement new exciting business ideas

  • Exchange opinions, understand problems, learn from mistakes

In the SGF coaching programme, I will offer coaching, sparring, and advice. I will not take over any operational tasks. The topics we cover together are: Strategy, Organisation, Process, Culture, Change, Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Market Entry, and Innovation.

Furthermore, we will build a strategy of uniqueness, develop an aggressive and still viable growth plan, work on an organic organisation, ie an organisation that is capable of adapting itself fast and flexibly to its environment, and learn how to build the right resource mix and business model.

Finally my clients can choose from a few topics that they might want to learn and apply in order to make their companies market leaders, such as

  • Effective Process Design

  • Digitising the company

  • Building a strong company culture

  • Situation-based leadership and dealing with ambiguity

  • Positioning the company and creating market pull

  • Continuous personal growth as a leader.

Please contact me here to talk about the details.