Programme No. 2: Account Management Formula (AMF) - Coaching

Is one of your challenges to increase your share-of-wallet with your current clients? Are the people in charge beginners as far as Account Management is concerned? Or are you looking for a push and more motivation for your experienced Account Managers?

Are you not making enough progress since your Account Managers do not have the right contacts? Are they maybe focussing on the wrong opportunities?

I have developed a practical coaching programme that teaches newly appointed Account Managers the most important skills, methods, and tools they need for a fast and profitable expansion of your business with Key Accounts.

This 10-month group coaching programme is called Account Management Formula (AMF).

After my coaching it will be possible for you to increase your share-of-wallet with your Key Accounts by on average 10%, since your AMs

  • will only work on opportunities they can actually win
  • persuade the right people at the client organisation to buy
  • offer solutions for your clients' most important problems
  • will develop empathy for your clients’ business situation
  • develop compelling value propositions
  • will have exactly the right sales strategy for every situation
  • close deals efficiently.

The programme includes 10 sessions separated into three  modules. During the session I teach and coach up to 8 of your Account Managers in order to become excellent Key Account Managers.

In addition, I will be available for 4 individual coaching sessions per month and continuously via email to solve problems with your Account Managers. The sessions will be filmed so that those colleagues who  can’t attend will be able to catchup with the videos and the slide decks.

With this programme your people will be able to generate millions of additional revenues for your company.

Every session includes a teaching part and a coaching part with topics such as Account Planning, Deal Qualification, Opportunity Planning, Pipeline Management, Relationship Building, Negotiation, and Closing Techniques.

Please contact me here to talk about the details.