Programme No. 1: New Client Formula (NCF) – Coaching and Agency

Is one of your challenges to find new clients? Are you missing the time to do that since your are swamped with operational tasks in your company that used to be a start-up and has now grown to more than 50, 100, 200 employees?

Have you hired Business Development Managers in the past and for some reason or other it hasn’t worked out? Is growth via follow-on projects and references not enough for you?

Then NCF might be exactly the right programme for you!

It is the all-encompassing program based on my experience of cold calling via social media and phone.  Demonstrating how cold calling is done more effectively and thus removing any deterrents your employees may have.

The NCF Coaching Programmes shows your salespeople exactly how

  • they can generate first meetings easily and without fear of rejection via Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn
  • they find and persuade exactly the right decision makers
  • to offer the right solutions for the right problems
  • to emphasise with the client
  • to craft a compelling Value Proposition
  • to develop the right sales strategy depending on the individual situation
  • to close effectively.

With NCF I have created more than 20 first calls within 8 months for each of my clients and I am still creating more and more first meetings. You can also achieve this, if you learn and apply NCF rigorously. I will happily share all my tips, tricks, tools, and solutions that work in real life with you.

NCF is a 10-month training and coaching programme for your Business Development Managers (the „hunters“) that covers all important sales techniques, from the first cold call to the close.

It includes a monthly 3-hour coaching session, continuous availability by email, one client visit per month, quality assurance of one proposal per month, one hot seat session per month, and one urgency call per month.

Alternatively, I am more than happy to take over the whole job for you as your Agent.

Please contact me here to talk about the details.