Armin's Contributions to Company Success

Performance Management

  • Improvement of Sales Hit Rate from 15% to 33% by introduction of professional Pipeline Management and Opportunity Management
  • Improvement of deadline achievement in delivery to >80% (<50% before) based on analysis, development, and implementation of professional operations monitoring
  • Improvement of average target achievement in Account Management from 75% to 90% via targeted sales coaching and sales controlling

Market Entry, revenues and growth

  • Successful market entry in Latin America with unusually fast sales success (€1.2m with 3 new customers in 15 months)
  • Revenue increases of 5% pa over 4 years in a stale market through strategic market analysis and introduction of professional Account Management and Business Development applying Value Selling methods
  • Signing and delivery of consulting contracts up to €1m, app 100% above average contract values, by consequent Value Selling and application of creative proposal production techniques
  • 12 new customers with no market presence within 2.5 years with total annual revenues of €3.5m in business services with an average deal size of €200k based on marketing strategy, marketing planning and continuous market penetration
  • Improvement of share-of-wallet with leading German Insurance company by 10% in stale market by applying innovative CRM- and account management methods
  • Winning several Business Process Outsourcing contracts from €23m to €150m in various European countries based on professional sales and proposal management and motivating leadership
  • 15% growth p.a. during new economy crisis via market penetration (existing customers)

Profit improvement and securing results

  • Cost reductions of CHF1m p.a. with a cost base of CHF4m via introduction of continuous improvement programme
  • Improvement of Gross Margin in project business from 45% to 51% through development, introduction, and application of proven project management techniques (best regional profitability within the company worldwide)
  • Improvement of account profitability by 20% as a result of decisive re-negotiation of formerly unsatisfactory contract terms and conditions
  • Break Even after years of losses by personnel reduction and outsourcing within the concern with concurrent focussed growth during the „new economy“ crisis

Restructuring and Joint Ventures

  • Successful restructuring of a subsidiary in France with reduction of headcount by 33% via effective project management and consequent use of all possibilities in a challenging legal context
  • Complete reorganisation of a sales team with 20 employees into an account management and business development organisation based on assessment centre, training, reduction and addition of people
  • Complete organisational and culture change of a company with 100 employees in solutions and services: focus strategy, business re-engineering, methods & tools, people
  • Planning and implementation of a Joint Venture with Spain’s 4th largest bank in the area of internet portals; Management of the JV as member of the supervisory board

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Development of a revolutionary SMS-based messaging solution by applying the “Blue Ocean Strategy” method
  • Active member of the Innovation Board to select and manage promising innovative product ideas
  • Active as Entrepreneur, Business Angel und Start-up Coach with 4 clients
  • Inventor of an innovation management framework and respective webinar programme

Teambuilding and organisation

  • Build up of a market driven organisation for marketing, consulting and sales based on a comprehensive go-to-market strategy
  • Development and change of organisations for delivery and service
  • Installation of a GmbH (limited company) in Germany including all administrative and HR details
  • Installation of a sales and delivery team in Mexico for the region Latin America