More sales, bigger accounts, and growth open a new world to your business

You own an SME in High Tech or Consulting and you don’t have the time to grow?

You have built a successful small to medium-sized business over the last 5 to 10 years. You are settled, profitable, and well-respected by your clients. Still you know that something is missing and that you need to make the next big leap to keep your business going. You know that preserving the status quo actually means going back and losing ground. You need to act fast so that you can defend what you have achieved and at the same time conquer new ground. If you have one of three central challenges a business like yours normally has, let’s have a chat.

Challenge No. 1: Finding new clients

Your business has grown over the last years. You are profitable and your clients love you. Still you would like to grow beyond the boundaries of follow-on projects and recommendations only. The only problem is that your company now has a size that requires you to manage operations, people, partners, suppliers, finance, etc etc. You can’t do everything, so you hire a new salesperson or ask one of your consultants to invest a certain percentage of time into business development. This again entails huge risks. The new salesperson normally has a 50% probability (at most) of being an excellent one. The consultant you have assigned to sales lacks the skills. And after one year you come to the conclusion that your approach hasn’t worked, the whole thing having cost you more than a 6-digit figure! There is an alternative to that: Hire me as yous New Client Agent. I will do the job of getting you the first meetings and helping you to close deals at a fraction of the investment for a full-time employee, with more meetings, better value propositions, highest flexibility, and zero risk. Alternatively, I will show you how to do it by coaching you over a period of time as long as you decide it’s making sense. The agency service and coaching programme I have developed for you is called New Client Formula (NCF). More about my services here.

Challenge No. 2: Increase business with existing clients

You are doing a great job with your current clients. They have great brand names, give you references, love you to bits, won’t let you go. On the other hand, you see that your people on the ground are so focused on their project delivery that they are missing opportunities, follow the wrong opportunities, or do not develop sales opportunities the way they should be developed. You assign people from your organisation to manage the Account that has now grown to 7-digit annual revenues since you do not want to take the risk of hiring someone of whom you know after one year if he or she was a success or not (see above). The people from within that you have assigned are now facing the same problems your people on site are experiencing since they don’t have a strategic plan fort he account and don’t know how to create one, they don’t know about opportunity development, the crafting of compelling proposals, negotiation and closing, relationship management, opportunity creation, accessing the C-level etc etc. If you are in a similar situation, Account Management Formula (AMF), a 10 months modular and comprehensive Learning & Coaching Programme will be right for you. More about my services here

Challenge No. 3

You have built an established business in High Tech or Consulting with important clients in various industries. Your company has gone through strong, maybe exorbitant, growth since its inception. You make €5m+ in revenues and growing, have around 50 employees (including free lance), and an EBIT margin of 10%+? Then your strategic challenge will be to continue growing whilst at the same time keeping the company under control. As Founder and / or MD, you will certainly have been confronted with several management challenges lately which are (partially) side effects of the growth strategy. So, how can you adapt your strategy and set up your operations accordingly for profitable growth? Feel free to have a chat with me. Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) is a modular Coaching Programme for Company Leaders of SMEs in High Tech and Consulting that will help you to continue with fast growth whilst at the same time keeping your profitability under control. More about my services here