New customer acquisition, account management & strategic growth for small and medium-sized enterprises

You have an SME and not enough time to take care of your growth?

You have built up a business in the last 5 to 10 years, are established, profitable and appreciated by your customers.

Then now is the time to take the next step to keep your business running and optimize it at the same time! Because standing still means going backwards.

Maintain your success in the long term and promote the stability of your business..

Let us talk about how you can address your central challenges..

Challenge no. 1: Finding new customers

Even if your business is currently stable and profitable: Do you want to grow further beyond follow-up projects and recommendations?

In day-to-day business, between operational processes and the management of partners, suppliers and finances, there is no time for this.

Hiring a sales representative now or engaging your consultant to do so involves enormous risks - the appropriate competencies, skills and results may be missing.

Do not wait until you reach your limits with this approach!

Work with me as your sales agent instead. I effectively organize new customer appointments and help you close deals. More meetings, better deals, maximum flexibility and zero risk - all for a fraction of the investment in a full-time employee.

I am also happy to coach your employees to close more new deals. For this purpose, I have developed the coaching service New Client Formula (NCF).

Challenge no. 2: Increasing business with existing clients

Your existing customers are satisfied, recommend you to others and no longer want to do without you? That's great!

Now it's important for you that your employees not only focus on ongoing projects, but also recognize the potential, don't miss any chances for business expansion, pursue the right sales opportunities and develop deals efficiently.

Even if you assign employees to manage the account, they continue to struggle with the same problems because they might not have a strategic plan and might not know how to create one.

How do you develop sales opportunities and create new business opportunities? How do you write compelling offers and get heard by the executive board? How do you negotiate, close deals and build relationships?

If you are familiar with these questions and problems and find yourself in a similar situation, my modular, 10-month Account Management Formula (AMF) training and coaching programme will help you.

Challenge No. 3: Growing strategically

Your established business has grown to revenues of 5 million or more, you have more than 50 employees and an EBIT margin of 10%?

Due to rapid growth phases, you as founder or managing director have certainly had to overcome some problems and often had to react rashly.

Then it is high time to adjust your strategy and prepare your company for sustainable growth - while keeping your business under control.

Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) is a modular coaching programme for you as a company leader in medium-sized businesses. It helps you to continue your rapid growth and to stabilize your profitability.

Challenge no. 4: Making effective telephone calls

Promoting the attraction of new customers, increasing sales with existing customers or successfully completing complex sales processes - you can use telephone calls for all of this.

For this, you have employees in your team who are still new to the topic of telephone acquisition and cannot get anywhere with your current salespeople because they often fail to close a deal?

Develop their expertise and increase the success rate - with a positive start to the conversation, the optimal communication of benefits and advantages, the reduction of objections to a minimum and the skillful conclusion.

With Outbound Sales Formula (OSF), I have developed a multi-day training and coaching programme that includes the most important skills, methods and tools your employees need to successfully expand your business.