30 Years of Experience in Sales, Consulting and Executive Management

Why Armin L Rau?

I share my more than 25 years of experience from operative sales and executive management in internationally recognized companies such as Siemens, Manpower and Swisscom with you.

I am enthusiastic about helping small and medium-sized enterprises to grow. I build compelling stories for cold calling, position them correctly in the market and help turn prospects into customers and then loyal supporters.

I love complex challenges that cover all aspects of a business, from finance to strategy, from marketing to operations, from human resources to IT, from initial contact to negotiation to closing.

I help you and your employees

  • In the acquisition of new customers through cold calling coaching
  • When expanding your existing business through account management training and coaching
  • In strategic development through strategy coaching
  • Achieving better prices and dealing with objections by learning to convince and sell based on the benefits

My core competencies are: Sales Coaching | Account Management | Cold Acquisitions | Strategic Growth | 6 Languages | Motivational Leadership | New Customer Acquisition | Listening | Pitching & Story Telling | Deal Shaping | Negotiations | M&A.

Armin's contributions to corporate success

  • Performance management
  • Market entry, turnover and growth
  • Increasing profits and securing earnings
  • Restructuring and joint ventures
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Teambuilding and organization

Armin's Contributions to Company Success

Armin Leonhard Rau CV