Account Management

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One of the main points of the Account Plan is to understand strategic...

Opportunity Management

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To qualify an opportunity, a compelling event that forces the customer to introduce change is very helpful. Clarify if there is the cut-off date for the customer's decision, and why.

In Opportunity Management, it is important to completely understand...

Customer Relationship Management

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In Opportunity Management, it is important to completely understand the background of the opportunity. Therefore, one important question you’ll have to answer, is: “How strong is the company’s current competitive position?”

To improve customer relationship, always ask yourself what you can do...

Cold Calling

More Cold Calling Tips from Armin

When you have your first conversation with a prospect during a cold call, ask him or her to explain to you a bit what the current situation is. Ask open questions. Where is an issue where she is still looking for a solution?

When cold calling over the telephone,...


Successful negotiations in B2B sales are based on many components that have to play into each other. You always need a maximum and a minimum goal, you must be courageous, you must not give anything away in the negotiation and you must always know exactly what the negotiation is about. Thorough...