Half the budget! Is this a bluff?

I had the situation I think last Friday when one of my clients called me and she was in a position where she was working with an existing client so she’s the account manager. And she had a particular challenge because on the one hand, their relationship was very good and now she was asked to hand in an offer for a specific extension of the current solution. The reaction of the customer was very aggressive and she asked herself if this was just a bluff….

Ask For The Business If You Want It

Now, this is closing time. And what does that mean closing? You just have to ask for the business because if you do not ask for the business, you...

Don’t make it attractive

At this morning’s coaching, a participant described how a customer called because he had received campaign information about a new function, a new feature of software or a new release, and she felt compelled to now meet this person and make this solution attractive to him.

This is not the best approach. If somebody's interested in what you’ve got to sell, don't try to make it attractive to them.