Not Enough new Clients? Neglecting Existing Customers?

We help you find new clients through cold calling. We help your Account Management with our proven 10-month program for developing Key Accounts and several derived seminars.


Programme No. 1: New Client Formula (NCF) – Coaching and Agency

Is one of your challenges to find new clients? Are you missing the time to do that since your are swamped with operational tasks in your company that used to be a start-up and has now grown to more than 50, 100, 200 employees?

Programme No. 2: Account Management Formula (AMF) - Coaching

Is one of your challenges to increase your share-of-wallet with your current clients? Are the people in charge beginners as far as Account Management is concerned? Or are you looking for a push and more motivation for your experienced Account Managers?

Programme No. 3: Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) - Coaching

Have you been very successful in the past, but you see now that you need to make a change? Are you too dependent on one or two clients? Do your operational processes, structures, and support systems not keep pace with your growth? Or have you been on a flat growth curve for a while and now want to make a leap?

Programme No. 4: Outbound Sales Formula (OSF) – Coaching

Do you want to do more business with existing and new customers through telephone acquisition? Is one of your challenges to increase sales with your existing customers? Or do you manage complex sales processes over the phone in new customer business and want to complete them more successfully?

Programme No. 5: Internal Sales Formula (ISF) - Coaching

Is one of your challenges the successful and effective communication in service and support? Not only professional call management and a refined greeting on the phone are success factors. Quick problem solving, setting the right expectations and dealing constructively with frustration are also crucial. Learn the skills, conversational tactics and valuable tips for your service.

Programme No. 6: Social Media Marketing Programme (SMMP) – Agency Service

Is one of your challenges the promotion of the reach of your marketing measures, the increase of your brand awareness and therefore the acquisition of new customers? Would you like to be more present in the social media? With the right promotional measures and a professional content strategy, you can reach your target group, increase your brand awareness, generate qualified leads and build crucial trust. Your prospects become customers. Your customers turn into fans.