New customers, more existing business, strategic growth, more effective telephone acquisition: I will get you there

To achieve these three targets, I have developed three programmes for you that will help you get there fast: New Client Formula (NCF) helps you to get first appointments quickly via cold calling, to develop good relationships and trust with new contacts via social media marketing and close deals reliably. Account Management Formula (AMF) is a 10-month coaching programme for newly appointed and experienced Account Managers who need to increase their share-of-wallet with their clients. Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) is a continuous coaching programme for company leaders who want to continue with aggressive growth and stay profitable...

Programme No. 1: New Client Formula (NCF) – Coaching and Agency

Is one of your challenges to find new clients? Are you missing the time to do that since your are swamped with operational tasks in your company that used to be a start-up and has now grown to more than 50, 100, 200 employees?

Programme No. 2: Account Management Formula (AMF) - Coaching

Is one of your challenges to increase your share-of-wallet with your current clients? Are the people in charge beginners as far as Account Management is concerned? Or are you looking for a push and more motivation for your experienced Account Managers?

Programme No. 3: Strategic Growth Formula (SGF) - Coaching

Have you been very successful in the past, but you see now that you need to make a change? Are you too dependent on one or two clients? Do your operational processes, structures, and support systems not keep pace with your growth? Or have you been on a flat growth curve for a while and now want to make a leap?

Program No. 4: Outbound Sales Formula (OSF) – Coaching

Do you want to do more business with existing and new customers through telephone acquisition? Is one of your challenges to increase sales with your existing customers? Or do you manage complex sales processes over the phone in new customer business and want to complete them more successfully?