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Cold Calling Tips #1: Preparation

In this quick video you can learn a few tips on preparation for cold calling that will increase your success rate.


Hello, my name is Armin Rau. I am...

The Diamond of Market Entry

The Diamond of Market Entry - How to increase your hit rate in solutions and services sales when arranging first meetings with prospects in the high-tech solutions and services business.

The Diamond of Market Entry that I developed over the last two years serving as a sales agent to my clients suggests that you need a story using four parameters in order to be successful when organising the first meetings with prospects:

Problem: You need to address a...

Your Account Plan on just one page

How the AM Crib Sheet helps you to keep track without writing long-winded Account Plans

The Account Manager’s (AM) Crib Sheet is a one-pager that allows you to quickly analyse and summarise the most important facts about your clients and manage the most important tasks to increase your share-of-wallet and make your client a bit happier every day.

The Account Manager’s Crib Sheet

How to completely control your account on just one page

Account Managers are busy people. They have to react at short notice to their clients’ requests, continuously study their clients’ business to understand as much as they can about it, meet with the client regularly, listen to his problems, and increase share-of-wallet. On top of that, they are also coordinating processes, projects, and resources in their own organisation in order to deliver all these services and sales activities.

Be the Concierge of your clients: How to become a 5-Star Key Account Manager


An excellent Account Manager has to be a real partner and trusted advisor for his clients. When thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that a great metaphor for an ideal Account Manager is the Concierge of a 5-Star hotel.

That's why I decided to interview 5 concierges in 5-Star Hotels in several European countries to tell me what they thought were the habits that made them special. And here they are: