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How to reach relevant leads via social networks step by step: A guide for effective cold calling

Cold calling can be very costly and time-consuming. It is often associated with poor results and low efficiency. However, social networks help to increase the success rate and find the right contacts.

If you are using LinkedIn, the search function of the Sales Navigator is especially helpful in selecting...

The right way to deal with reception, assistants and decision-makers: How to overcome the most common hurdles in cold calling

In cold calling, the approach of previously unknown leads serves to arrange a meeting. Particularly in the case of a phone call, it is often not possible to contact the relevant decision makers directly. Instead, you first talk to the reception or assistant.

In these conversations, it is often necessary to...

How to develop the right story for cold calling

Cold calling is one of the central challenges in many companies. You can read about the objectives of addressing new leads and when it is best carried out in my blog post on the goals and timing of cold calling.

The process of cold calling always starts with preparation, leads to a dialogue via access and possible hurdles and results in a...

When, why and above all HOW to execute proper cold calling

The prime goal of cold calling is to acquire new customers. The key task is to contact the previously unknown potential client or decision-maker by...

How cold calling is done properly: etiquette

Target-oriented and efficient cold calling is repeatedly mentioned as one of the greatest challenges for many companies. A professional approach to cold calling requires discipline and, arguably, a certain routine. To identify and reach qualified leads the approrpiate resources must be in place and well managed. Cold calling negotiations are as important to the overall sales process as building relationships and developing accounts.

In the cold calling process there are...