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How to promote a new service

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. You are offering a new solution or have added a service to your portfolio? This VLOG is about how you promote and spread these solutions or services and create not only an awareness but also a need for them.

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How to promote customer satisfaction:

How to maintain a Price Client and a Relationship Client

As you already know from my older blog posts, the retention, satisfaction and loyalty of your clients is crucial for your business success.

For example, it is 5 times easier to maintain an existing account than to win a new one. On the other hand, according to latest studies, an increase in customer loyalty...

Successful Sales Approach: What you offer & how to sell it

Do you want to make your business as profitable as possible, generate more sales or close larger deals? Then the first challenge is often cold acquisition, followed by continuous and professional account management.

In my blog you will find various articles that will help you to optimize your cold calling...

Push or pull in sales

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. Many of his clients ask how they can optimize their sales. Although they build pressure on different hierarchical levels and emphasize the compelling reason, there are no results. Because your clients don't want anything sold. They want to buy. Learn in this VLOG...

´Cold calling and tenders. Is there a conflict?

Armin L. Rau shares a question from a coaching session of the AMF Account Management Formula Programme. The VLOG is about cold calling, tenders and whether these two go together. Do you also need cold calling in the public sector? I will give you tips on how you can become active even before the tender.