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What’s the right target for your sales people?

Today I have another example from a coaching session for you: a divisional manager has the challenge of defining goals for his sales representatives and account managers and justifying them accordingly. Find out in VLOG how to build the right framework using the practical example with a description of the initial situation.

The definition of your pipeline management:

How you organize your sales opportunities

To optimize your business, expand your activities and thus increase your profits, exploiting your existing relationships is a promising approach.

How to use references for cold calling across industries

You have established yourself in your market segment and are now planning to enter a new segment? You should approach this professionally and thoughtfully in order to get off to a successful start. In doing so, you can use your existing, meaningful references. Your references are even important across industry boundaries and in completely different markets. Learn in this VLOG, how you use this in cold calling.

The competitive advantage in customer loyalty:

How to use emotions in relationship management

You know from numerous blog posts on the subject of relationship management that the commitment, satisfaction and loyalty of your clients are decisive for the success of your company.

It saves you costly acquisition and investment, because statistically it is 5 times easier to expand an existing account than to win a new one. Profitability also increases with a small rise in customer loyalty by a full 75%....

Your Topic and how to promote it

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. Many of his clients ask how they can optimize their sales. Although they build pressure on different hierarchical levels and emphasize the compelling reason, there are no results. Because your clients don't want anything sold. They want to buy. Learn in this VLOG how to perform more effective pull marketing.