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How cold calling is done properly: etiquette

Target-oriented and efficient cold calling is repeatedly mentioned as one of the greatest challenges for many companies. A professional approach to cold calling requires discipline and, arguably, a certain routine. To identify and reach qualified leads the approrpiate resources must be in place and well managed. Cold calling negotiations are as important to the overall sales process as building relationships and developing accounts.


What are the characteristics of the ideal account manager?

A good account manager is of great importance to his customers and is therefore crucial for the success of the company and long-term customer loyalty. For instance, it is 5 times easier to maintain an existing account than to win a new one. It is even more challenging to win back an unsatisfied or lost customer.


How to understand and improve the position of your customer in the market

For professional and high-quality coaching with a real added value for your customer it is crucial not only to know the company and offer good sales training, but also to evaluate and understand the market and the competitive environment. While the company portfolio is internally oriented, the market analysis of your client is used for external evaluation.


How to create a relevant company profile

As a skilled account manager, you should know your clients as well as your own business. The starting point for all your offers, solutions and services is a thorough understanding of the situation and profile of the company. Even in professional cold calling or in sustainable customer relationship management, clear and practice-oriented company profiles are the basis for successful and target-oriented work.