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How to Compose a Value Proposition

About Definition, Structure and Key Questions

Your value proposition is a key differentiator in proposals, sales and customer acquisition.

My blog on defining your company value will help you find the criteria you can use to define your value to your clients.

Armed with a definition of your value proposition you can then take the next step, which is to formulate your value proposition professionally and in a way...

Your value to your clients

Define the basis of your value proposition

Your value proposition makes the difference in offer preparation, sales, and customer acquisition. This is how you stand out from the competition and increase your key figures.

Thus, the value proposition serves the consistent and goal-oriented pursuit of your strategic sales approach, which is:

  • Differentiation or low costs -> more orders
  • increased efficiency +...

Decision criteria and matching:

How to find the right opportunity for you

Opportunity Management is a process for identifying and developing business opportunities that can be implemented to maintain or improve profitability and business operations.

In essence, it is therefore a matter of finding and selecting the most relevant opportunities and the most suitable mandates among all possibilities, tenders and potential contracts in order to...

How to qualify opportunities part 2:

Can you compete and win?

Opportunity Management goes through a cycle. The first steps, a structured overview and the collection of relevant background information, are covered in this blog post.

The next important task is the classification of opportunities and possible deals. Whether the opportunity is relevant at all is answered by formulating the project framework and the compelling reason....

Is it a real opportunity? How to succeed in Deal Qualification

Thorough opportunity management is costly and may not seem worth the trouble to some companies. However, how you prepare and strategically select your deals is crucial to the efficiency of your sales opperation.

Professional Opportunity Management thus increases the turnover of your company, it improves the value and reliability of your sales performance and it concentrates your resources on the relevant projects.

An opportunity plan goes through different phases in...

How to recognize and promote your opportunities: The Cycle of Opportunity Planning

An important element of your business development is the correct handling of your opportunities. A professional opportunity plan goes through a typical cycle to successfully combine overview, qualification, decision, positioning and strategy as well as relationship management.

The entire process...