The Diamond of Market Entry

The Market Entry Diamond

The Diamond of Market Entry

The Diamond of Market Entry - How to increase your hit rate in solutions and services sales when arranging first meetings with prospects in the high-tech solutions and services business.

The Diamond of Market Entry that I developed over the last two years serving as a sales agent to my clients suggests that you need a story using four parameters in order to be successful when organising the first meetings with prospects:

Problem: You need to address a real problem, a pain, that your prospects have

Solution: You need to have solved this problem before and need to propose to the prospect that you explain exactly how your solution works so that your prospect can implement it on his own

Brand: You need to have solved the problem for a renowned company, a household name in the market

Results: You can communicate the exact measurable results of your solution in terms of time, cost, revenue, profit, or quality.

With these 4 parameters you can build compelling stories that will get you more meetings. If on top of this the problem you’re solving is part of a current trend in the market (eg. "Customer Experience“ or "Internet of Things“) then your hit rate will be even higher.