Your Account Plan on just one page

How the AM Crib Sheet helps you to keep track without writing long-winded Account Plans

The Account Manager’s (AM) Crib Sheet is a one-pager that allows you to quickly analyse and summarise the most important facts about your clients and manage the most important tasks to increase your share-of-wallet and make your client a bit happier every day.

Account plan development

Account Plan Example, the „AM Crib Sheet“ allows a Key Account Plan on one page.

The creation of a complete customer development plan (account plan) is a lengthy and continuous process that involves an intensive involvement with your customer's business and its environmental conditions. An account development plan often has more than 30 pages. Therefore, I recommend creating the account plan step by step. Start by creating a first draft based on your current knowledge. Then complete the customer development plan step by step with the information that you can obtain from your customer visits and other research.

To get ahead faster and immediately have an executable account plan that contains concrete actions for your week, I have created the Account Manager's Crib Sheet.

So, in less than 30 minutes you can get the most important information about your customers on a single page and to define your concrete actions for an increase in sales.