Is experience everything in sales negotiations?

Many managers, directors and decision-makers rely on their experience when it comes to sales negotiations. But even with a lot of experience, good preparation is essential and very important for a successful sales negotiations, as is the ability to use the right negotiation techniques and a well-established sales force. In this VLOG you will learn which factors really matter in successful sales negotiations and which negotiation tips you can use in preparation for an optimum outcome.

So, is experience the most importance factor in a sales negation? No, far from it! Experience helps you when you have to improvise. However, if you only improvise or conduct your negotiations the way you have always done, you are giving away money and risking your well-deserved bonus!

What helps in sales negotiations, however, is preparation. And not according to the motto, let's see what the customer says and then we'll see. If push comes to shove, I have my documents with me. Or "I know the customer inside out", we'll come to an agreement anyway.

The question is: what kind of agreement? In order to achieve the best result, it is important that you answer the following questions BEFORE the negotiation:

  • #1
    What are my measurable objectives?
  • #2
    Where is my walk away line per measurable objective?
  • #3
    What topics are to be discussed?
  • #4
    As a result, what agenda do I propose?
  • #5
    What can I offer the negotiating partner to help me achieve my goals?

If you prepare this and don't just rely on your experience and intuition, you will immediately achieve better results and give away less and less money.

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