Preparing the cold calling cycle

The Cold Calling Cycle


As an account manager, you are responsible for going through a journey with your customer that ultimately leads to success for both parties. In doing so, you have a variety of tasks to consider, including a well-established sales force, pipeline management, and proper account maintenance.

But it is also important, among other things, to perfectly master the process of cold calling. This generally involves 5 steps: preparation, access, hurdles, appointment and meeting. Today, I'll explain how to optimally prepare for the cold calling cycle.

There are two basic ways to do this: Identity Pentagons and the IESIE approach.

Person pentagon

The ID Pentagon helps to analyze the person and the company to contact based on 5 critical factors. To do this, in both cases, you can ask yourself 5 questions to get a better picture.

  1. the person:
    1. Who is this person?
    2. What has he accomplished?
    3. Where is he going?
    4. What is driving him?
    5. What is important to him?
  2. the company
    1. Who is this company?
    2. What has it accomplished?
    3. What is its strategic direction?
    4. Where does it operate beyond its core business?
    5. What are its values?

From these 10 questions, a pentagon can be formed for both the person and the company, in which you can map their identity holistically.

A second option is the IESIE approach, with which you can introduce yourself to your lead. This also includes 5 parts:

I - Information

E - Education

S - Solutions

I - Inspiration

E - Entertainment

This can be achieved through various channels, be it in person or via email, social media, events, or your website.

Examples can be blogposts, educational videos, or something entertaining called infotainment.

Depending on your starting point, you can use one or more of these options.