There are key activities that can improve the success you and your customer

How to fully understand your customer -

the customer development plan

As an account manager, you are responsible for going through a journey with your customer that ultimately leads to success for both parties. In doing so, you have a variety of tasks to consider, including a well-established sales force, pipeline management, and proper account maintenance.

But first, you need to analyze your customer.

As an account manager, it is your job to fully understand your customer so that you can tailor your offering in a way that works best for him. To do this, it helps to set up a continuous plan of actions you can take to ensure success. For starters, 5 regular activities are enough to understand your customer:

5 regular activities

Study your customer's website regularly.
If the client is listed on the stock exchange, read annual and interim reports.
Follow and like the company on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Become a member of an Industry Group on LinkedIn.
Set a Google Alert for news about the client.

In the next step, it is important to create an account plan to keep track of the entire process you and your client want to go through together. The following steps are important in this process:

  1. What has the customer ordered from us so far? What volume? Is he still ordering? If not, why?
  2. What other opportunities do we see? What is our strategy?
  3. Who is the decision maker? Who else is involved in the decision-making process? In what role?
  4. Important key figures of the customer: sales, growth, marketing activities, campaigns, promotion.
  5. How much revenue do we want to generate with the customer?
  6. Action plan with quick wins: what can you offer right now?

Account planning always follows a fixed plan and sequence. You can use the following questions to guide you:

  1. [CUSTOMER], who are you and what is important to you?
  2. How much turnover and how much profit do we want to make?
  3. In what area, with what and how do we want to increase our share of the budget?
  4. How can we measure and improve customer satisfaction?
  5. What knowledge and skills and which people or partners do we need to implement the plan?
  6. What will we achieve in measurable terms and by when?

These tips are always useful to keep in mind. They help create effective and efficient account management, which in turn will benefit your customer and your own development .