How to use references for cold calling across industries

You have established yourself in your market segment and are now planning to enter a new segment? You should approach this professionally and thoughtfully in order to get off to a successful start. In doing so, you can use your existing, meaningful references. Your references are even important across industry boundaries and in completely different markets. Learn in this VLOG, how you use this in cold calling.

Hello everybody, today's v-log is about how you can use your references and your knowledge in one industry sector or in one market segment to address the new segment. That can be a challenge and I'd like to explain to you how you can overcome this challenge.

I regularly do coaching sessions with my clients because I believe training plus the application of what was trained, plus the coaching are either review is the effective way of learning.

Now, I had a coaching session lately with two account managers from one of my clients and they have the challenge that they are now addressing the private sector with strategic IT consulting and solutions and they more or less only have references in the public sector. Now here, the question is how can I overcome this objection that people might say, "listen to the public sector, I'm not interested in that.

That is not my cup of tea. I'm here a small and a medium size/ I'm a medium-sized enterprise producing machines". Well, here the trick is the following, what I recommend if you are in the situation.

First of all, as far as the topic is concerned, go for a topic that is not close to the core process of your current segment. Now, let's take this example if you're/ if you have references in the public sector, you would not go for a reference that is supporting/ that is about workflow management because workflow is more or less the central process, the core process, in the public sector.

You've got cases, caseworkers, and the case that's run through a workflow. That is by no means the case in the production industry. So, what you should do use a process or an application that is not part of the core process of your current industry.

For example, something in accounting, something in procurement or something in HR, for example. Because there you might have a lot of similarities. What do you then do, you ask people in your network or new people in the social media if they are interested in across industry experience exchange, across industry experience exchange.

And people who are open to get new insights from other industries, they will do that. Especially if the topic is, let's say, industry independent. So that's the way to/ that is one idea, one approach on how to get from one sector to the other, you will have to have this openness anyway. So don't worry about that.

The intelligent people, the intelligent managers in the market, and the intelligent leaders, they look left and right from their current focus area, and they try to learn also from other industries. So, you will actually get the progressive decision-makers and that is exactly what you need the risk-takers if you want to address a new market segment.

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This was Armin Rau from Armin L Rau opening doors making you grow. Looking forward to speaking with you.