Trigger joy in your customers

The competitive advantage in customer loyalty:

How to use emotions in relationship management

You know from numerous blog posts on the subject of relationship management that the commitment, satisfaction and loyalty of your clients are decisive for the success of your company.

It saves you costly acquisition and investment, because statistically it is 5 times easier to expand an existing account than to win a new one. Profitability also increases with a small rise in customer loyalty by a full 75%. Winning and keeping loyal customers is therefore a beneficial competence.

You can already find various tips for your relationship management. For this, consider the characteristics of an ideal account manager and follow the 10 commandments I have already described. You will also learn in my blog how to maintain your account properly and stay up to date.

There are not only Price Clients and Relationship Clients, as you can read, but also two types of decision-making: The brain and the heart.

Trigger joy in your customers

One attaches importance to articulated knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge you can write down. This includes physical needs and common sense. This customer therefore makes practical, rational decisions and finds the most comfortable and effective solution for him.

The second decides on implicit, tacit knowledge that is not tangible. What matters here are experiences, emotions, aesthetics, and impulses. These form the next generation of competitive advantage.

So when you invest in the right customers, you make a crucial difference in the relationship. Because clients do not necessarily transfer for a specific reason. But very often nothing motivates them to stay.

You can generate this motivation. For this you need:

  • The right methodology
  • The support of your employees
  • Correctly adapted tools
  • Emotions that you trigger in the customer

You can generate these emotions in many places. Develop a holistic concept to reach your customers emotionally. Whether in the press, through your social media activities, the website, employees, business partners, your corporate identity or success stories: With this you convince and offer a real motivation for customer loyalty. In the picture you can see a list of the possible options.