Your Topic and how to promote it

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. Many of his clients ask how they can optimize their sales. Although they build pressure on different hierarchical levels and emphasize the compelling reason, there are no results. Because your clients don't want anything sold. They want to buy. Learn in this VLOG how to perform more effective pull marketing.

Hello everybody. Today is a feedback session again, a vlog about something that I talked about with a client in one of my coaching sessions. And here the central question is, with which topic can we become big in a market, or can we enter in the market?

Question number two, how do we promote our knowledge? And question number three was, how can we actually find the time given that we as salespeople, we've got so many things to do, to get this knowledge out to the market? Now, question number one is, with which topic can we become big? Now here, it is fairly obvious that you can use two approaches to find out what is currently on your markets' mind, what are the people, the decision-makers thinking about.

The first thing is a common trend, as for example internationalization or sustainability. What do your customers believe must be done to comply with these trends or to follow these trends or to react to these trends? The second, very straight forward approach is to talk to people and say, "Listen, what is on your mind right now?

What do you think is your biggest challenge now?" Ask 30 existing customers and ask them what is in your area of expertise, in your area of solution.

What do you think is your biggest challenge now?" Ask 30 existing customers and ask them what is in your area of expertise, in your area of solution. What is your biggest challenge right now? Now, once you've got that, you create content that explains how your client can solve that problem.

So, the client will always be in the current situation. I call this CS now. And the customer will also try to get to a future situation. And what you do, you describe in your content the way and the steps from the current situation to the future.

You can even go a little bit more into detail later on by saying, "Okay, if this is step number one, these are the sub-steps that you are/ you will have to go through and here you've got a second piece of content, and you can continue with that".

You will then publish that content on your website and you distribute it amongst your clients so that they understand that you know how to address these topics. What is very important is that you speak very little about your solution, but just about the plan that you would propose to get from A to B.

And step number three, that was a very important question, was how do I actually implement this because I have not so much time left. How can I create this content? How can I find the time? Now, the content always has to come from you.

What you can do, if you've got somebody in your company you can, for example, do an interview with your marketing representative. You prepare the questions, and then you answer the questions and you publish the interview. Point number two is, you can record the interview, and then have it transcribed, or you can also use, for example, a presentation that you do on this journey.

Record it again, have it transcribed and turn it into an article, let it turn it into an article by your marketing department. Even if you have to do that yourself, this approach of using content twice and having it transcribed is a wonderful way of increasing your efficiency.

Now, this was the result of one of my latest coaching sessions where my client asked me, "How can I promote a current topic? How can I find a current topic that is in the market?

Secondly, how can I promote it?

And thirdly, how do I find the time?"

This is Armin Rau from Armin L Rau, opening doors, making you grow.

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