How to promote a new service

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. You are offering a new solution or have added a service to your portfolio? This VLOG is about how you promote and spread these solutions or services and create not only an awareness but also a need for them.

Hello and welcome to another vlog here on Today it’s again a sharing from a coaching session that I had with a client lately and that was about how I can promote a new offering a new service. The example here was about a client who’s very active and very successful in the public sector and over here in Germany, there’s new requirement on suppliers of the public sector to send invoices only in electronic form. Now my client is prepared to facilitate the issuing and the production of electronic invoices and they are now making an approach to the private sector to the suppliers of the public sector on how they can help them implement the e-invoice process. Now what they told me is that they had a first event in 2018.

They think that they were a little bit early with that event, but never the less they had 40 interested people there and now there is no action, not enough interest. Now here the main problem is the follow-up. There is no point in doing events of that form if you don’t have a regular follow up.

And I’d like to underpin the word regular because even though after the first follow up maybe say after one month or even two weeks after the event, nobody is interested. Yet, you have to remind your potential prospects of the fact that you can help them. Let’s say in intervals of about two months. If you want to implement that more regularly it is very important to implement an online funnel, an online process to promote your new service.

And what you should do here or one thing that you can actually do is to do an ad for example on LinkedIn, you could even try Facebook. In this ad, for this example, for example, you offer an e-invoice check yeah? Which is a checklist that your prospect can download in exchange for his email address to check is his organisation ready for the e-invoice?

To which extent and he can then have a chat with you to understand what still has to be done because that’s what you’re going to do once you’ve got the email through the downloads. So you do the download and you’ve got the email, you will follow up again. Here we’ve got the follow up with an email sequence, with the goal of getting the first appointment, yeah? So that there you can have a chat about how the e-invoice can be implemented.

So, it’s basically the same, this is the automated process that you would implement in terms of online marketing. You can also do it manually by just following up every two months so that your event or maybe it can… Here we’ve got the ad, it can also… Here we’ve got the e-invoice check, it could also be an event, a live event yeah, could also be a webinar. The most important thing is that you deliver content with an event.

What they did here my client with the webinar or this checklist and then the follow-up. The money is in the follow up as one of my idols of online marketing Frank Kern always says. And that’s what you can learn from this case study from this coaching session that I had. First of all, if you have events, follow up, define a process online and offline to get more interested parties and yeah close the business after you have had your first meeting.

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