Your successful sales approach

Successful Sales Approach: What you offer & how to sell it

Do you want to make your business as profitable as possible, generate more sales or close larger deals? Then the first challenge is often cold acquisition, followed by continuous and professional account management.

In my blog you will find various articles that will help you to optimize your cold calling process. Read what is the right time, the objective and the best way for your cold calling process. In addition, I provide you with a summary of etiquette and rules of conduct. Crucial in the process is to develop the right story to convince new customers.

If you have aroused interest and a need, there are some helpful tips to help you complete the sales process better. For example, internalising a single sentence can help you avoid the price war. And this question can revolutionize your sales force.

Common to these approaches is the aim of highlighting the benefits and emphasising the necessity. Whether in the acquisition of new customers or in the expansion of existing business: This approach forms the basis for all sales efforts.

If you integrate these sentences into your customer communication and always follow the approach of highlighting benefits and advantages, you will achieve higher sales goals.

Depending on the product, service or solution you offer, there may be differences in the optimal sales strategy. To do this, first classify your offer. Does it belong to one of the categories listed below?

  1. Licence Upgrades
  2. Solution Upgrades
  3. Change Requests
  4. Complete Solutions
  5. Migrations
  6. Major Solution Upgrades
  7. Next Solution
  8. White Space
Offer categories

Depending on where you fit in and what you want to sell, you adjust your sales strategy. Some proposals require to be created uniformly and in conformity with existing solutions and to be compliant with them. With others you have more creative freedom and can also recommend and sell different and new input.

You must also distinguish between reactive and proactive processes. In some cases, you adapt your quotation to the status quo and react to customer wishes, problems and requirements. In other cases, you take more initiative.

The strategic value increases if you act pro-actively or creatively. The sweet spot is where it is at its highest. You can also see this in the matrix.