Push or pull in sales

Armin L. Rau again shares his experience and summarizes a coaching session for you. Many of his clients ask how they can optimize their sales. Although they build pressure on different hierarchical levels and emphasize the compelling reason, there are no results. Because your clients don't want anything sold. They want to buy. Learn in this VLOG how to perform more effective pull marketing.

Hello this is Armin L Rau from Armin L Rau opening doors, making you grow. I am summarising in this session the results of a coaching session that I had lately with a client who is very active in the public sector. It’s a very solid business because they’ve got frame contracts and in these frame contracts you can book, as a part of these frame contracts, you can book individual contracts and individual projects.

The client had just finished a project and was now pushing to get the next project and they thought about… Were two account managers that I talked to one manager, one account manager that I talked to and they were now trying everything to go to this next phase of the project or to get the next project and what they did were the typical three things that you do in these situations and from my point of view the typical three mistakes.

The first one was that they presented the result of the first project and handed in the project report and then immediately they proposed the next step, what should happen now? And they didn’t get any feedback, so nothing happened and the next step was just not started by the client. And then they did mistake number two and they tried to get access to higher levels in the management to expedite the decision which normally has an effect that the contact person who you are working with is not so amused and will even more block the next phase of the core operation or the next project.

Then they tried something else, they tried to make it very clear that a compelling event, namely a change of the law would force them to act and was still surprised that nothing happened. Now, what is the reason here? The reason is that pushing in sales mostly always creates counter push and that these two pushes neutralize each other and as a result, nothing happens.

Now the thing really is here, if you want to sell something you have to continue listening and it is not your goal to think for your client, your client will have the intelligence, will be clever enough to think himself and then come back to you and say listen what I would like to do now is the following.

So, they had planned a meeting where they initially wanted to present great scenarios and next steps and so on and so forth and I advised them clearly not to do that to go to a meeting that was already planned and to ask questions.

First of all to talk about the project that had been finished, what went well? What can be improved and then to ask the customer where does he now want to go? What’s the next step? And then to talk about a plan and how to reach that.

And then after that, if the customer likes that plan to ask would you like us to implement this plan together with you? We can then make you a proposal and take it from there because then you leave the initiative completely to your customer and that is far more successful normally than the push approach.

So. I would call this even the pull approach because you ask and you pull the customer in or you get pulled actually by the customer to help him. Now that was an insight from one of my last coaching sessions. I would like to encourage you not to tell the customer what to do because nobody wants to be sold.

Secondly, not to circumvent decision-makers to go to higher echelons and the management. And number three, not to create or to take compelling events to increase the pressure even further because nobody likes the pressure, everybody likes to be free and give that freedom to your customer to decide.

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