Using contacts and networks in social media for cold calling

How to reach relevant leads via social networks step by step: A guide for effective cold calling

Cold calling can be very costly and time-consuming. It is often associated with poor results and low efficiency. However, social networks help to increase the success rate and find the right contacts.

If you are using LinkedIn, the search function of the Sales Navigator is especially helpful in selecting potential leads. Limit the location according to your service. Consider regional availability, your knowledge of markets and target groups or language barriers when deciding how small or large your search area should be.

Then enter keywords and set appropriate filters. The position in the company, the size of the company or the industry sector can be selected.

Also make sure that you have shared contacts with your target person (choose 2nd Degree). Do not underestimate their relevance! They can make it easier for you to start a conversation and promote trust.

You can make the best use of your existing network for cold calling by asking the common contact for an introduction and thus establish a direct connection to the potential lead.

First create a personal reference and focus on the private relationship.

"How are you?", "I hope to see you again soon at one of our events", etc.

Then explain why you are contacting the recipient of your message.

e.g. "I'm in the process of expanding my network of CEOs in your industry."

Next, insert the link of the desired contact via the share function and directly express your wish with a call for action.

"It would be nice if you could introduce me to him", "I would be happy if you could introduce him to me", etc.

Click on the images for a step by step guide

Whether your access is facilitated by existing contacts or not, there are typical promising starts to discussions. You can read about how to formulate the optimal contact request in my blog post. You can make your message even more personal and therefore more effective by using a direct reference.

  • "We met at... I appreciated our conversation there.
  • "I was at your seminar ... / I heard your speech. I was the one who... asked/with whom you talked about..."
  • We are both alumni of...
  • I read your excellent article on... and I was wondering if ..."

And not only the direct approach of new contacts can serve, also the appropriate preparation and implementation of content that attracts your target group. This content can be distributed by e-mail, via social media or your website, at events or in other ways.

Examples of this can be many and varied depending on the type of content and your objectives, eg:

  • A Blog Post (own or curated)
  • Videos from a seminar/webinar, workshop etc.
  • A Patch (software) for an existing problem
  • A Reference to current, interesting, or relevant topics

So, improve the efficiency of your cold calls in several ways: firstly, by selecting relevant contacts accurately and secondly, by distributing content that draws others' attention to you and gives you a leap of faith.