A pleasant and well drilled cold calling etiquette is often enough to tip the balance in your favour and get engagement from the prospect

How cold calling is done properly: etiquette

Target-oriented and efficient cold calling is repeatedly mentioned as one of the greatest challenges for many companies. A professional approach to cold calling requires discipline and, arguably, a certain routine. To identify and reach qualified leads the approrpiate resources must be in place and well managed. Cold calling negotiations are as important to the overall sales process as building relationships and developing accounts.

In the cold calling process there are general rules of behavior and standards, let's call this the cold calling etiquette. If you adhere to these principles, you will find that you have a reliable, confident and positive effect on the recipient of your messages. Here are some key points of cold calling etiquette to bear in mind:

  • A quick guide to cold calling etiqeutte

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    Even if you do not meet your contact person in a face-to-face meeting, but only have telephone contact: Straighten up in a standing or sitting position. This makes it easier for you to speak clearly and confidently.
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    Remember to smile, breathe deeply and relax while talking. The person opposite you will notice if you are hectic or excited, do not take breaks or tense when reading a script.
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    Get to the point quickly with short sentences. For a good conversation, address your dialogue partner personally and ask questions. So keep to the following guideline: ask more questions than you tell, listen more than you talk.
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    In addition, always keep in mind when making cold calls: people don't want to be sold. Therefore, always put the personal needs and benefits of your solution in the foreground instead of actively promoting your products.
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    Particularly at the beginning of communication, a lack of trust is often a problem. After all, the recipient of your message does not know you. So invest in cold calling to build up trust.
  • #6
    The probability of rejection is generally always very high in cold calling. This is especially true for e-mails or social networking, but also for telephone or personal contact. In order to achieve long-term success with your cold calling, you should not be discouraged, keep at it and above all: don't take anything personally!

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