What are the characteristics of the ideal account manager?

A good account manager is of great importance to his customers and is therefore crucial for the success of the company and long-term customer loyalty. For instance, it is 5 times easier to maintain an existing account than to win a new one. It is even more challenging to win back an unsatisfied or lost customer.

On the other hand, an increase in customer loyalty of only 5% leads to up to 75% more profitability. Time-consuming acquisition can be reduced and loyal customers generate constant sales.

Customer loyalty is thus a good protection against competition in a highly competitive market and makes it more difficult to change providers. They also potentially bring new customers via recommendation marketing. High-quality account maintenance therefore has many positive effects.

Accordingly, account managers are faced with high and varied demands. The following 10 commandments provide an overview of how the ideal account manager should behave towards his clients:

  1. Listen to your client thoroughly and carefully
  2. Take an unbiased and honest interest in people
  3. Take the best possible care of your clients
  4. Give your clients a lot - advice, help, support, etc.
  5. Make life easier for your clients wherever you can
  6. Always fulfil what you promise and stick to agreements
  7. Don't say no - instead, look for a solution
  8. Be available, approachable and easily accessible
  9. Be kind, polite and discreet
  10. Remember everything, memorize relevant information and keep the overview

In summary, the ideal account manager can be compared to a concierge in a 5-star hotel. He does not put himself in the spotlight or fight for power, instead he offers real support. He also possesses the most important characteristic: empathy.