How to maintain your Accounts accurately and stay up to date

A good account manager has different functions to perform and unifies different skills. As you can learn in this blog, the strengths of successful account management are comparable to those of a 5-star concierge.

In conclusion, this means that you need to fully understand your clients and understand their needs. To do this, you must always be as informed and up-to-date as possible. It is precisely this effort to fulfil your client's desires and offer support that makes the difference.

As a Key Account Manager, you should therefore maintain five continuous actions. These actions are also useful in preparation for professional cold calling.

But while they are considered more often at the beginning, they often fall into the background in the process of cooperation. These actions serve to always have the greatest possible knowledge and to be able to offer demand-oriented offers and solutions.

This includes regular visits to the website. Novelties and developments should not remain unnoticed for long. If your client is listed, read all available annual reports and interim reports. Also check out social media profiles on LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook for news and relevant information about your client.

To get to know the industry beyond your customers and learn everything worth knowing directly, join industry groups on LinkedIn and Co. and take an active part in the action. If you also set up Google Alerts, you can be sure that you not only can demonstrate sales expertise but are also optimally informed about all significant business developments.

Use this up-to-date knowledge as an advantage in your customer relationship management. Don't forget: Keeping and satisfying your customers is more sustainable, forward-looking and easier than always acquiring new customers.