How to create the ideal contact requests in social networks

Social media often provide the best way to address cold calls. In addition, they are inexpensive, legally unquestionable and offer uncomplicated access to numerous managers and entrepreneurs.

First, you need to identify and pre-qualify the right contacts for you. The advanced search of social networks is suitable for this. Find the appropriate contact person for your concern: You can discuss a marketing topic with a marketing manager, a sales manager or a key account manager, on the other hand, will be interested in other content.

When selecting your leads, you should also focus on class instead of mass. Select people with whom you share contacts in order to create a basis of trust.

Next, you need to find a way to make your contact requests on networks like Xing or LinkedIn compelling and appealing. Because relevant contacts are likely to receive many requests and don't randomly make connections in their network.

The highest success rate for an acceptance is therefore achieved with an individual message. Here, as well, trust and benefits are the most important criteria. Write your contact requests similar to the following pattern.

Hello Mr/Mrs X,

we are both networked with person Y and the topic Z connects us. Therefore I simply address you.

At the moment I am strengthening my network with top managers in the industry A. I would be very pleased about an acceptance.

Best regards,

Because social media contacts do not necessarily imply a personal acquaintance and such an assertion could have a negative connotation ("we both know"), it is better to formulate only the networking. So you don't take a risk if the other person knows the person very well, or if they are not known to each other at all.

Also find a connecting topic in the profile. By identifying similarities, you strengthen trust once again. It is best to use something more concrete, i.e. inbound marketing or something similar instead of marketing.

The reason for your speech "I'll simply address you" is not promotional and intrusive, but non-binding and harmless. You thereby pursue the goal of the social networks of an exchange or a cross-linking and do not want to sell directly.

By mentioning to ask top managers, you flatter the recipient of the contact request and at the same time show them respect and esteem. This friendliness will gladly be rewarded with a confirmation.

The acceptance rate of such requests is usually between 50 and 70 percent. In the case of fully automated enquiries, the probability of acceptance drops significantly. The personalization of the message is thus demonstrably a key success factor for successful network expansion.