Cold Calling Tips #6: Three things to keep in mind

People do not want be sold to. Just one principle you have to keep in mind when doing cold calling. You will learn a few more cold calling mindset tips in this Video.


Hello and welcome back to our vlog series.

Today we’re again talking about cold calling. Cold calling is terribly important because it’s about the first contact with your potential client, with your prospect. Cold calling is not so easy and always keep in mind one thing: There will always be more people who are not going to buy than people who are going to buy.

The thing is, people do not want to be sold to. You have to be someone who builds trust, who gives things first, delivers content, delivers help and offers a best practice sharing because as long as they don’t trust you they won’t buy, and as my sales trainer in the old days would say, “People buy people first,” and what he meant is you need to build trust.

The second cold calling point I’d like to leave for you today is: The probability of being rejected is very high, and it’s not you as a person being rejected, they’re just rejecting your offer and what you have to say. It’s not about you so don’t take it personally.

Last but not least, and very importantly, there are always situations where your prospects need help and there could be a perfect match between what they need and what you have to offer; you just sometimes have to find the right point in time, the right moment and have to be at the right place. That's it.

So, keep moving and just keep it up. Don’t give up, that’s the worst thing you can do, and don’t take frustrations personally. Always remember, your eagerness to help must be bigger than your fear of rejection.

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