Cold Calling Tips #5: How to reach acceptance rates of up to 80% when contacting prospects on LinkedIN

When you are cold calling to get meetings with prospects, always start by contacting them on social media. The challenge is to make them accept your invitation to connect, even if the don't know you. The trick is a very specific way of crafting your invitation so that your acceptance rates can be as high as 80%, at least 50% though.


Hello everybody.

In today's vlog, we are going to again talk about cold calling. We are going to talk about professionally contacting people on social media and how to produce acceptance rates of 50 percent and more. At Armin L Rau, we have acceptance rates of up to 80 percent and we do it exactly using this system which I would like to share with you today.

  1. When first contacting people on social media, it is very important that you create proximity by mentioning a common interest you have. In LinkedIn, you can see common interests quite easily when you look at the endorsement section. Just have a look at what people are endorsed for and if topics they're endorsed for coincide with your interests. Mention you are both interested in that topic.
  2. You want to build trust through a mutual contact and this means you mention people with whom you are both connected. By this, you automatically create more trust between you and the person you are contacting.
  3. You have to explain the motivation behind the invitation and thus generate understanding.

Proximity, trust and understanding are extremely important in order to get very high acceptance rates with people you don’t know on LinkedIn.

In an invitation I would always use the first name, I would not use Mr or so because we want to stay quite casual, and that also opens doors more easily. In an example of such an invitation you would say: Hello Jim or Bob - or whoever - We are both connected to Jim Meyers and we are also interested in marketing and that’s why I am contacting you.

Here, you have two things: proximity and trust with the common connection and topic you’re interested in.

You then explain the motivation of your call by saying: At the moment, I’m strengthening my network with top marketing managers in the industrial environment of medium-sized companies in the UK. I would be very happy if you accepted my invitation. Best regards, Armin Rau.

Firstly, you’re saying you are only contacting top marketing managers. People whom you are contacting, if they are using this formula, should be in a top position otherwise that would come across as sucking up.

You would contact senior and top people if you use the term "top marketing managers." At the same time, doing so shows some kind of appreciation which again influences the probability of your invitation being accepted very positively.

After the invitation, or when the invitation has been accepted by the decision-maker you are contacting, three more things are very important.

  1. Send a thank you message. By this you are again showing appreciation and you are working on the relationship with this new contact.
  2. Welcome this person to your network. You are basically saying your doors are open. Welcome, I’m happy to have you.
  3. Offer help. You will sell with very low probability if you do not offer help in the pre-sales phase. Start with something simple, for example, offering introductions to other people in your network. That will already improve your relationship with this person right after having contacted him/her and right after this person has accepted your invitation.

You are really creating proximity, trust and understanding, a good basis for future conversations when building the topic. By the way, the next step will be to help them with some content. We're going to have this in the next vlog.

Now, here’s the example. In German, danke nachricht means thank you message but the rest is in English so you can read that: Hello Jim, Thank you for accepting my invitation and welcome to my network. If you would like me to introduce you to someone, please feel free to contact me at any time. Best, Armin.

That is the thank you message. It’s quite a nice message where you say thank you and where you welcome this person, you are very polite and even offering help.

If you would like to have more insights on how you can improve your cold calling, your account management, your B2B sales, feel free to book a 100 percent free strategy session with me by clicking on the button underneath this video. I am really looking forward to speaking to you.

All the best and speak soon.

Yours, Armin.