Cold Calling Tips #4: The Three Hurdles To Overcome With Existing Contacts


Hello everybody.

This is a really quick one today on a Friday afternoon, and we're going to continue with our tips on cold calling today. This is tip number four, and it is about what you want to do when you are trying to get access to higher levels within accounts that you are already working on.

So you might be working with, say a department head, and you want to get access to the C-level. In general, what you do, you are using the contact to this department head. Well, you obviously must have a good relationship and have done some good work. And you ask this person if he or she can introduce you to the C-level in this example.

Now you might encounter a few hurdles here. In general there are three. The first hurdle is that these decision-makers that you are already working with, they might fear to be ignored. Well, if they have this fear, just promise them that you will always keep them in the loop, and that you will actually always inform them on what is going to happen.

Another thing is that they actually don't dare to contact these executives. So that is quite a common thing in larger corporations which are still quite hierarchical. We should be quite open and honest about that. If you're looking at the traditional large organisation, especially over here in Europe, still quite hierarchical.

So, if they don't dare to contact such a C-level executive, or a higher-level executive, just go on your own. Contact these executives on your own with their permission, maybe even with their permission to refer to them. If they don't dare to contact them, normally they will always not dare to be referred to. So #00:02:00-0# ask them for their permission, and go on your own.

Number three hurdle is that they are not interested. They just wouldn't help you. Find some excuse. Normally, they wouldn't bluntly say, "No, I won't help you." They would find some excuse for that. So, if that is the case, they actually wouldn't care, or they don't care. And in this case, just go for it on your own, but just if the relationship risk on this level is low, and if not too many things, maybe future orders, depend on that relationship on the lower level. Just go on your own.

As a recap, three hurdles. First of all, they don't dare to contact the higher levels. Just go on your own with their permission. Number two, they are frightened that they are ignored. #00:03:00-0# Promise them to keep them in the loop. Number three, they wouldn't like to help, then go on your own if the relationship risk is low. So that was it for today, real quick one on using your existing contacts and overcoming hurdles to get access to higher levels.

And these were the cold calling tips number four. Wishing you all the best.

Armin Rau