Cold Calling Tips #3: Critical Success Factors For Cold Calling


Hello and good morning.

This is Armin Rau the creator of Account Management Formula. And today I have got a few tips for you on how you should address potential decision makers within clients, even in key account management. And as part of your key account plan you might have the action of increasing your circle of influence in a current account.

And in this environment, you might also have the opportunity to do some cold calling i.e. to contact people that you have not contacted before. My advice to you is always to start with a contact on social media. And to write to the people, send them a contact request on LinkedIn for instance. And then come up with a great story and a great email copy. This email copy should be based on four to five pillars.

The first one is as I have indicated here a problem. So, you would like to talk about a problem that the decision maker you are talking to might have and ask him, “Do you have this problem?” Based on that, you will present a solution, which means you will want to show this decision maker how exactly he or she can solve that problem. A problem is always better than an opportunity, because opportunities can be postponed. Problems need to be solved immediately.

So, for example imagine that you are going to the doctor and you have got terrible knee pain, you want this to go away. On the other hand, if you think you might want to lose some weight, which is an opportunity to live a healthier life, you can always postpone that, because there’s no immediate pressure. So, we start with a problem. We offer to explain how to solve that.

The third component of a great story is that you have solved that problem for a big brand, b for brand because that adds credibility to your story. And number four is that you have delivered measurable results, which is also extremely important. Now, in an ideal scenario you also have a trend that goes with your story such as artificial intelligence at this very point in time, into a number of things, e-commerce, whatever.

If one of these problems or one of these trends applies, then it is even better. But, even with a quite I am not going to say boring topics such as say process optimization in your supply chain, you can easily or relatively easily get to first meetings with your potential clients in a cold calling exercise, or in existing account based on a key account plan with these four pillars in your story.

And then based on that you build great email copy, or social media copy that you can send as a pitch, a teaser to the decision makers. And that is the thing that we are going to talk about next. If you want to talk about your individual challenges and plan together with me how you can solve them in quite a swift way, please click underneath this video on the link. And register for a private planning session with me. I will be looking forward to talking to you. Speak soon. And have a great time.

Armin Rau