Cold Calling Tips #1: Preparation

In this quick video you can learn a few tips on preparation for cold calling that will increase your success rate.


Hello, my name is Armin Rau. I am the founder of Armin L. Rau, Opening Doors, Making you Grow, and the creator of Account Management Formula. Today, I will be giving you a few hints and tips on cold calling.

Cold calling, today, starts with extremely good preparation. You just can’t pick up a receiver, call people and ask them if they would like to have an appointment with you, you have to prepare. Preparation is the first step in cold calling. This preparation basically concentrates on two topics: Firstly, the firm you want to contact and why you want the appointment and, secondly, the decision-maker. As far as the firm is concerned, you would like to prepare by checking three things: First, the firm's website. What information do you get there? Secondly, press articles. What has happened lately? Are there any specific challenges this company has right now? Thirdly, the annual report if this company is listed. These are three very important sources you would like to look into when preparing for your cold call.

A second very important aspect is the decision-maker. Here you would very much like to check, firstly, their LinkedIn profile to understand who they are, what they concentrate on, their track record - which is their career basically, and their strengths: What are they focusing on in terms of their main characteristics? You can see this quite neatly in the LinkedIn endorsement section.

Based on this information, you are much better prepared for your first call. You can talk about topics that might be of interest, gearing your first cold-call contact via social media and internet with prepared content towards the decision-maker with whom you want to speak.

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Thank you very much.