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Catharina van Delden, CEO innosabi GmbH

Armin's operational support in the creation of the marketing plan and the qualification of sales opportunities was invaluable to us.

Dr. Oliver Qurimbach, CEO ILC GmbH

I was impressed by Armin Rau and his Account Management Formula from the very beginning.

Clemens Schäfer, Founder & Managing Director, IT factum GmbH

Armin's large network of high calibre contacts in various industries helped me to get a clear picture of potential market segments that again had a very positive impact on developing the product the market really needs.

Sebastian Scheibe, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Vision11

Armin Rau convinces with his strategic, yet pragmatic approach when calling on new contacts within big corporations. Based on his intensive support, we were able to identify new sales potentials and to connect Vision11 to important decision makers in manufacturing as well as retail.

Thomas Bender-Hoffmann, General Manager and Head of Sales, ColorDruck Solutions GmbH

All in all, the seminar was pure gold for us. I can recommend it to anyone seeking to improve sales effectiveness in B2B.

Evangeline Sosing, Learning Program Manager, GoDaddy

[Armin] ensured that the skills are being applied and reinforced through dedicated coaching.

Birgit Henschel-Neumann, Managing Director EL-NET Recruiting GmbH

Without the support of Armin L Rau it would have been difficult to gain such client engagements

Alexander Bogner, Co-CEO INFOLOGIS AG

Armin has become more for us than just an agent for new client generation. Armin is our sounding board and trusted advisor.

Jürgen Samuel, CEO iQuest Group

I can highly recommend Account Management Formula for companies that are looking to introduce professional key account management

Marcell Faller, CEO sonoro audio GmbH

Working with Armin has not only been a great pleasure, but his sophisticated managerial skills have helped sonoro to win the hard fight for turnaround

Stefan Pütter, Managing Director and Owner mundo online GmbH

The value story we developed together with Armin helped us to grow significantly with new clients.

Sandra Fander, Account Manager Automotive, ILC GmbH

With Armin’s help, I have taken a quantum leap within just one year

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